The Best Clothing Brands for Petite Women

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The Best Clothing Brands for Petite Women

Finding the perfect piece of clothing can be hard for smaller, petite women and struggling to find the right fit can be even more frustrating.

In this article, we’ll unveil what we believe are the best clothing brands to suit petite women.

This guide will provide you with valuable insights and recommendations to enhance your style and make your next shopping trip a bit easier!


Factors to Consider for Petite Women Buying Clothes


Fit & Length

Ill-fitting clothes can overwhelm a petite figure, making you appear even smaller. Ignore the trends and avoid oversized clothing. For example, oversized collars on women with smaller frames can make your head appear much smaller.

Try wearing 3/4 length sleeves or pushing them up your forearm to appear taller. Avoid trousers that have cuffs, since they make your legs look shorter. Instead, go for high-rise trousers to make your legs appear longer.


Fabric and Patterns

Choosing appropriate fabrics and patterns is crucial for smaller frames. Certain fabrics drape better, add volume, or create structure, while patterns can play with visual illusions to enhance your shape.

We recommend lightweight materials like cotton or silk when choosing fabrics for petite frames. Also, stretchy fabrics such as elastane or jersey provide comfort, flexibility, and a fitted look.

In terms of choosing patterns, we recommend small to medium-sized prints like miniature florals, polka dots, or micro-geometric patterns – all these patterns shouldn’t overpower your figure.


Our Picks for the Best Clothing Brands for Petite Women


Emily Lovelock

Emily Lovelock Marcela Top Blue

Emily Lovelock epitomises elegance. With a design philosophy that embraces personal style, her collection caters to petite women with the utmost care and consideration.

With clean lines, gentle contours, vibrant colours, and a hint of playful sophistication, Emily’s garments are a brilliant blend of luxury and comfort.

Emily’s garments are made from 100% cotton, a lightweight material that we recommend for petite frames. Many of her designs also include medium to small, patterned prints to ensure a smaller stature isn’t overpowered.

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Marella Olpe Green Slim Jeans

Marella is a celebrated Italian fashion brand that caters to the needs of petite women. With a focus on delivering high-quality designs, Marella offers an array of designs to choose from.

One piece that meets all the criteria is. It’s patterned, colourful, made from silk, and cropped – they’re perfect for a petite figure!

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Lurdes Bergada

Lurdes Bergada pullover Off White/Taupe

Lurdes Bergada’s clothing range is the perfect choice for petite women who want to make a statement.

Embrace Lurdes Bergada’s unusual, yet trendy designs and explore their remarkable selection of clothing, specifically designed to flatter petite frames. Their designs go against many of the hallmarks of petite clothing; however, we highly recommend Lurdes Bergada for smaller frames.

Discover the perfect blend of boldness and elegance of Lurdes Bergada’s collection, empowering petite women to embrace their individuality with confidence.

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