How to Style your Leather Trousers for Any Occasion

If you’re looking for a timeless fashion staple, leather trousers must be a part of the conversation. Around for centuries and popularised in more recent times by stars like Olivia Newton-John and David Bowie, there are as many types of leather trousers as there are ways to style each of them!

However, you don’t need to be Grease Lightning or even Ziggy Stardust to rock leather trousers – so let’s talk about how you can make these timeless favourites fit your lifestyle and look. 

Whether you’re looking for cosy Sunday vibes, office chic, or something statement for a night away – there are plenty of great options for incorporating your leather trousers for a sensational look. 

Leather trousers with everyday looks

Leather trousers aren’t just for big occasions – they can be styled to fit your everyday look! Here’s our suggestions on how you can utilise the leather to match your daily style.


Let’s start with something more casual. No matter your favourite top, pairing it with leather trousers can make for a great laid-back option.

Tucking in something as simple as a fitted white t-shirt can be a great option for those looking to contour their figure, while a thrifted vintage t-shirt can make for a seriously eye-catching combo. Why not try a French tuck to get the best of both worlds? 


This is a super flexible look, so depending on the occasion, we’d recommend chunky Doc Martens style boots, platformed shoes and trainers, or even something open-toed for a frivolous summer feel! 


This is a great look for some last-minute al-fresco dining, a concert, or a weeknight drink or two – so don’t be afraid to be bold with some Mary Quant-inspired chunky bangles or chains, big sunglasses, and/or a patterned head scarf and matching clutch to add some retro-vibrancy. 

Leather trousers with casual Sundays looks

Sundays are usually reserved for lounging around or wearing your comfiest clothes. However, what if you want to make a Sunday statement and wear leather trousers… how would you style them for a casual Sunday look?


On Sundays, we’re thinking of knitwear to take the edge off a slightly chillier than it looks Sunday stroll. We love the contrast of the sleek leather juxtaposed with the more textured look of a knitted jumper, particularly when using opposing colours and tones.

Whether you’re going for more organic colourways with some neutral tones, or even some head-turning fluorescents, contrast is the aim of the game!

While this is great for cooler weather, if you’re looking for something to suit a boozy brunch or a carvery lunch, a flannel or even a linen shirt can sharpen things just enough to make it feel like a bit of an occasion while remaining flexible. This can also go great with a light gilet.


When it comes to shoes, this look can be just as flexible as your everyday. Why not try squeaky-clean trainers for some monochromatic chic? 


For this look, many of our suggestions for casual accessories can work great, but, if you’re looking to keep it low-key as you wrap up for the weekend, some minimalist gold earrings and chains can make for an understated and classy splash of colour.

Pair this with an over-the-shoulder black leather/pleather bag (even better if you can find one with matching gold zips and tags), and the Sunday scaries will be making themselves scarce.  

Leather trousers with a smarter look

Whether you’ve got a big night out on the horizon, or are looking to make an impression in the office, leather trousers can be a great addition for when you need to step things up a gear. 


As with our casual Sunday suggestion, a crisp blouse or shirt is a great place to start, but in the interest of taking things up a notch, let’s look at blazers. 

No matter your personal style, blazers are our go-to for smartening up this look. If you want to look cooler-than-cool, an all-black-everything look that pairs a fitted blazer with a shinier leather, but if you’re looking for something altogether on the bright side, choose a more colourful mattified leather like burgundy with teals and jade greens can make for a slightly softer but equally eye-catching look. 


For edgier looks, some shiny black stilettos to go with your shiny black leather trousers are a no-brainer, but for something softer, a colourful suede shoe and blazer combo is ideal. 


A statement outfit requires statement jewellery, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box with this one! As with our previous suggestions, black and gold can do no wrong, but for something more colourful, a chunky 60s-inspired necklace fits in perfectly. We have a range of great accessories here.

If there’s one thing to take away from all of the above, it’s that there’s beauty in flexibility.

Whether you’re someone who likes to shift in and out of different styles or want the perfect addition to a capsule wardrobe, a decent pair (or a few pairs!) of leather trousers is a must-have item.

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