How to Wear & Style Animal Print

Animal print is a classic fashion trend, and season after season it’s reimagined, and paired with new styles. Despite its striking prints and eye-catching look, animal print’s allure is timeless. It’s a very versatile look and should be considered a wardrobe staple.
From Spring days to Winter evenings, Brenda Muir have you covered with tips for wearing animal print – all year round!

How to Wear Animal Print 

Less is more when it comes to animal print, and a little goes a long way, so be sure to stick to one kind of animal print per outfit. (You want to wear your clothes; you don’t want them to wear you!) Most animal prints contain a shade of black – so this is often the simplest shade to pair with animal print.
Black is chic, flattering and will generally complement any print you wear. Wearing accessories like bags, shoes or scarves in an animal print can be a way of subtly incorporating it into your outfit.

Animal Print for Work

The trouser suit is still one of the most popular styles of workwear, and a great way to spice up a plain blazer and fitted trouser is to pair it with an animal print blouse or shirt.
Animal print breaks up the block colour of the suit and gives a conservative suit a striking edge. At work you might want to err on the side of caution by wearing more muted animal prints, like snakeskin, in darker colours.

Animal Print Daywear

Despite being synonymous with glamorous evening looks, animal print in all its commanding forms can be dressed down for a more casual, everyday look.
Here at Brenda Muir, we love a slim leg trouser or jean teamed with a chunky tiger or zebra print jumper, sweater or knit. This kind of relaxed outfit can be paired with a white trainer, or heeled boot to exude an informal yet chic air.

Animal Print in the Evening

In the evening, try teaming animal print with less tailored, and brighter pieces. For example, a leopard print pencil skirt could be complemented with a contrasting, colourful blouse in a jewel tone. Or try teaming animal print leggings with a statement tee, if you want an edgier, rock-chick look.
Colourful animal print is a modern twist on the classic animal print trend and is perfect for a dramatic night-time look. Paired with a black skirt, animal prints in bright colourways add a pop of colour to attract the eye. This can make animal print look more playful and youthful.

Animal Print in Autumn

A monochrome look is always a safe bet, and for Autumn, we’d suggest pairing animal prints with matching browns, beiges and neutrals. This will give you a polished, sophisticated look that will fit perfectly with the seasonal, autumnal tones.
An animal print boot is also a great statement accessory for Autumn. You could team a statement leopard print or snakeskin boot with a plain skirt or trouser. Or for the more adventurous, why not match your animal print boots with a coordinating animal print top?

Animal Print in Winter

In Winter, wrap up in style with a chunky, faux fur animal print coat. Animal print coats and jackets are great statement pieces, and can add an eye-catching, luxe accent to a simple jeans/tee/boots combo.

Animal Print in Spring

Long floaty dresses are popular spring pieces and are very comfortable in warmer climes. In a striking animal print, maxi dresses become both elegant and alluring, and can be dressed up or down depending on your mood.
Achieve this by opting for a chunky trainer, or a delicate kitten heel. In Spring, lighter, delicate fabrics are more comfortable and flattering as the weather gets warmer and make a welcome change from heavier winter fabrics. Animal prints in silk, satin or chiffon will radiate an air of expensive glamour!

Animal Print In Summer

In the Summer months, we’d recommend opting for animal prints that are predominantly white – to give a lighter and brighter air to your look. Animal prints like zebra, cow and Dalmatian are a bit bolder with a definite summery feel.
During Summer you can jazz up your wardrobe with animal print shorts and skirts or, pair a plain bottom half with an animal print top. Animal print trainers and ballet pumps are ideal for the Summer season and can subtly elevate any casual outfit.
Whether you opt for leopard print silk skirt, a snakeskin boot, or a zebra print chunky knit, remember animal print is truly versatile, and can be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe. Enjoy wearing it on just about any occasion!
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