Grizas Clothing & Accessories

Grizas is a modern, expressive brand we just love here in our Hyndland boutique. Grizas believe in celebrating individual beauty through naturalness – that’s why their garments are made solely from natural fibres – including linen, silk, wool, and cotton. Bespoke clothing producers, Grizas have developed the most charming soft silk, which is now their best-selling fabric.
With each garment, Grizas want to galvanise their customer to express their personality, be who they truly are and live life to the full! The brand is inspired by the limitless interpretation of freedom and originality. Grizas clothing is your canvas: let it speak and tell your individual story!
Grizas contemporary look is created using hand-painted art prints and authentic textures. Grizas clothing is also defined by its comfortable fits and unusual layering, that creates elongated silhouettes and relaxed, laid-back shapes. Brenda Muir adore the confidence Grizas inspires, allowing shoppers to feel free and exceptional! For Grizas, fashion and self-expression have no boundaries. They design for every woman: artistic, passionate, crazy, and caring. They see beauty in every person – size and age mean nothing!
Customers can also rest assured all Grizas items are made to order, and all Grizas material suppliers and production is European. Each beautiful garment is created and finished under one roof and a single item is fully sewn by one seamstress.

Grizas use only high quality, long lasting and ethical materials – and meticulous sewing makes each garment durable and hard-wearing. At Grizas, the finest organic and natural fabrics are turned into ethical clothing. Grizas believe eco-friendly garments emphasise personal style and authentic beauty. Shop Grizas online or in-store at our Hyndland boutique.