How to dress on holiday

When you’re on holiday, you’re wanting to look your best. After all, you’ve just paid to get a spot in the sun, so you should be making an effort to stay fashionable when you’re out and about. Below, we’ll be listing a few easy tips when it comes to dressing for your holiday. They’re simple and can be put together by anyone so let’s jump straight in.

Wide-Leg Trousers

An absolute staple for any holiday, wide-leg trousers can offer both a chic aesthetic and provide a cooling effect when you’re exploring your new environment. Wide-leg trousers also make for a comfy item to wear during the flight. If you opt for a drawstring waist, they’ll work perfectly for relaxing when you’re finally past security. Just be sure to get the trousers in light materials, such as linen. You don’t want to be mooching around a warm environment with heavy denim or polyester on your legs.

A Classic Light-Coloured Tee or Top

Nothing beats a casual, light-coloured top. This versatile item can be used at any point in the holiday and makes for both a funky beach item and a fun piece to wear around town. Aim for something that is light, such as white or duck egg blue. You can even opt for something patterned, like stripes. Breton in particular works well for holiday outfits and can be paired with a variety of bottoms. Additionally, if you’re opting for a top, something flowy and light will suit a hot climate. You don’t have to overcomplicate this one. If you’re needing to buy some holiday t-shirts and tops, see our collection here.

A Day and Night Dress

When you’re on holiday, there isn’t always time to go back and forth from the hotel between lunch and dinner. You’ll want something that works well for both the day and the night, so you don’t get caught out. A floaty maxi style dress is going to be your best friend here. Ideally, if you’re going to be by the pool or the beach, you’ll want something you can quickly slip into when you’re transitioning from day to night. An ankle-grazing linen dress is also a good option. Plus, these can be accessorised easily, and they can even be worn when you’re back in the UK. How’s that for versatility? To see dresses that work perfectly for a summer holiday, see this collection here.

Appropriate Accessories

Accessories are a necessity when you’re on holiday. Not only do they make or break a style, but they also come with useful practicalities when you’re out and about. Starting with the basics, a classic straw bag is a holiday staple. They’re lightweight and look great if you’re hitting the town midday or exploring the sandy shores. They also work well with summery dresses and are larger in size allowing you to carry all your belongings down to the beach. Pair the bag with a large sunhat or headscarf. Both work well with summery outfits and help to keep you cool when you’re out adventuring. With a sunhat, you can also add additional features, such as a bow or crochet. Allowing you to customise it to your liking.

Don’t Forget a Jacket

It’s not going to be hot all the time you’re there (unless you’re lucky). Therefore, having a throw-on jacket to keep you warm when the night rolls around is essential for a holiday. Something like an open jacket or a kimono jacket works well if you’re looking for something to throw over your daywear, ready for the evening meal. You could even opt for something longer and use a belt to create a chic wrap dress. There are a lot of options when it comes to jackets as they’re versatile and able to create a ton of styles with little effort.

Enjoy the Sunshine

Now you have all you need to create the perfect holiday outfit. The trick is to avoid taking your entire wardrobe with you, so try and look for items you can use to layer and create multiple outfits. You don’t have to overcomplicate it, plus, why should you? You’re on holiday! If you need more styling tips or need to get your holiday wardrobe sorted, browse our collections and blog for more information.