How to Style a Scarf

How to style a scartf

With winter fast approaching, it’s time to dive into your chest of drawers and pull out those scarfs you’ve been dying to throw on all year! They offer a cosy accessory for those colder days and make that journey to work just a bit more bearable.

To make sure your scarf game is on point this season, we’ve noted a few essential styling tips below. A scarf might be a small part of your overall outfit, but it’s something that people will quickly admire.

Experiment with Your Knots

You can change the look-and-feel of a scarf simply by changing the knot. There are so many different variations to choose from and luckily, you don’t need to be a sailor to get them right.

Different knots are also suitable for different situations. For example, if you’re wearing a scarf to the office, a sophisticated drape will be fine, but if you’re beating the winter chills outside, going with a chunky tucked-in loop will be better.

Here are some scarf knot variations you could include in your next outfit:

  • The drape: Simply hang the scarf around your neck without any knots
  • The Toss: Hang the scarf in a drape and then toss one side over your shoulder
  • Front Tie: Drape the scarf around your neck and do a basic single knot in the front
  • Basic Loop: Drape the scarf over you, grab one end, and wrap it around your neck twice
  • The Loop Through: Fold the scarf, drape it around your neck, then tuck the single end through the loop created with the fold

Combine with the Right Coat

Making sure you match your scarf with the right coat is crucial! If you pick the wrong one, the scarf can look a little odd and ruin the entire look.

If you’re opting for a chunkier knit, be sure to add layers to your outfit and partner it with a larger coat. Something like a trench or a parka works great with these kinds of scarves. It will also make sure you’re super warm.

For thinner scarves, a smart blazer or a lighter jacket will work well. You want to make sure everything is suited by size. This kind of outfit is also fab if you’re looking for something sleek to wear to the office.

By making sure you’re choosing the right coat or jacket, you can elevate your style and bring out those autumn/winter vibes.

Choose Your Knit Wisely

As briefly mentioned above, choosing the right knit is a must. Get this wrong and you might end up too hot or too cold, depending on what else you’re wearing. It will also dictate whether the scarf is complimentary to the outfit or becomes a statement piece that draws attention.

If the scarf if a chunkier style knit, it will become a larger part of the overall outfit. It will also be tougher to tuck in, usually meaning you’ll end up wearing it outside of your coat or jacket. Therefore, make sure it pairs well with your layers.

For a thinner scarf, you can use this as a complimentary piece that doesn’t need to be shown off. It can be tucked into your coat or jacket and can act as an additional source of warmth, rather than an overt fashion piece.

Colour is Everything

Because a scarf is an accessory, you don’t have to be boring with it. You can use it to add colour to your outfit without creating anything too bold. Additionally, you can also use it to add patterns and different styles.

As well as adding statement colours, you can also use it to blend with the items you already have. If you are working with a single colour, you can use a scarf to create greater depth with differing tones and shades.

With a bit of creativity, there are a lot of options to explore!

Match with Other Accessories

A scarf is not the only accessory you’re going to be wearing, you’ll also have hats and gloves to think about. Especially if it’s very cold outside!

This is an opportunity to match your accessories together to coordinate the outfit. You could even mismatch deliberately and show off your personality with bright colours. There’s no reason to be dull and boring just because the season’s changed!


Scarfs are a great accessory and can be paired with a range of items to create a stylish look. Perfect for Autumn and Winter, scarfs can provide that much-added warmth and add a fashionable layer.

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