Sahara Clothing Size Guide

Sahara Size Guide

Sahara Clothing Size Guide

Choosing the right sized garment is important. Therefore, we’ve compiled a handy size guide for Sahara clothing.  

Some aspects to consider about Sahara’s garment sizing to consider are: 

  • 1 – 5:  Numerical-based system of sizing which uses standard UK sizing as a reference. 
  • Dual sizes: This refers to flexible or oversized clothing that’s not a specific one size.

Sahara Clothing Measurements

To ensure you’re choosing the right sized garment, we’ve highlighted the exact sizes for Sahara’s range of clothing, from XS – 3XL in both centimetres and inches.

Sahara Numerical-based Sizing

Sahara Dual Sizes

Sahara Sizes in Centimetres

Sahara Size in Inches