The Best Skirt Lengths for your Height

Best Skirt for your Height
At Brenda Muir we love a fabulous skirt! Aside from looking effortlessly stylish, the right skirt can also be incredibly comfortable – you’ll find you have greater freedom of movement because your legs aren’t constricted by fabric. A well-fitting skirt can also effortlessly flow flatteringly over a range of areas many people don’t feel confident about highlighting – like your thighs, stomach and ankles. When it comes to any fashion item, skirts included, there are various rules and style tips you can adhere to in order to create a certain look. In this latest Brenda Muir blog, we’ll discuss what the best skirt length is for you, depending on your height.

Skirts for Petite/Shorter Figures

With the right skirt you can create balance. Wearing a high-waisted skirt can help create the illusion that your legs are longer, shifting the focus upwards and emphasising your waist. If you’re under 5 ft 4, a mini skirt that falls no lower than just above knee shows more skin, making your legs appear longer. Flesh tone shoes will further elongate the legs. You can of course bump up your height with a pair of heels or wedges too. A short skirt, like ones from In Wear look best if it does not end at the thickest part of your thigh – choose a length either slightly above or slightly below. If you have a petite frame also be careful when choosing midi and maxi skirts, especially if you have short legs. Skirts that reach the ankles can overwhelm. However, this can be overcome with a slit skirt that lets you show some skin.

Skirts for Mid-Height Figures

For those of an average height, knee-length, A-line skirts are a flattering option. They offer the perfect balance between skirt and leg. Tea/midi length skirts are the most flattering type for most people. As the name implies, a knee-length dress/skirt’s hem ends just above or below the knee. They’re a really useful wardrobe addition because they are an acceptable length for nearly every type of event. Visually, they can shorten the length of your legs though. This can be offset by pairing a midi skirt/dress with high heels or nude shoes to help elongate the look of the legs. Midi skirts that hit right below the knee are the most ideal length because they allow your body to stay looking streamlined.

Skirts for Taller/Statuesque Figures

A maxi skirt reaches just above the ankle bone or all the way to the floor. Since the maxi skirt covers the entire leg, the look can be balanced by showing some skin on top. Maxi skirts work exceptionally well for taller people. If you are of taller stature you should opt for long, flowing dresses – at least knee length, but preferably longer. A midi skirt will also look good given a taller person’s long legs. Most skirts work well on taller people but sometimes they just aren’t long enough. Opt for a maxi with some volume to offset a shorter length and if in doubt, opt for longer pieces as they will highlight your attractive and striking height. Try wearing contrasting colours on your top and bottom half to break up your height. Avoid dressing all in one colour too, as it can make you look longer overall. At Brenda Muir we know a big part of feeling confident comes down to wearing outfits that look as great as you feel inside. When you’re trying to decide what to buy and add to your wardrobe, it’s useful to know what works best with your figure. Now that spring has arrived, if you’re searching for a new style of skirt or dress – especially of the mini, midi, and maxi variety – we’re here to help! Pop in to our Hyndland boutique and try on some news season pieces, or shop online. You can contact us at any time via email: