Grizas: Behind the Brand

Griza logo and behind the brand

One of our favourite clothing brands for Summer is Grizas. Not only do they produce some of the most beautiful designs, but they also hold strong ethical values which are seen throughout their production process.

We’ve created this guide to help you understand more about the brand and some of the reasons we stock their pieces in the shop. We’ll also provide a bit of information on their latest collection, the fabrics they use, and where their clothing is made.

Grizas' Story

Over 30 years ago, while wandering through clothing stores, the founders of Grizas pondered a pressing question to themselves: why was it so difficult to find modern, fashionable clothing made of natural fibres?

Fate intervened when the founders met a fourth-generation silk weaver, whose family had been immersed in the craft for decades. This fortuitous encounter sparked a partnership and a deep friendship, laying the foundation for the Grizas brand’s remarkable journey.

Together, the founders of Grizas embarked on a venture driven by a shared passion for fashion and a commitment to creating something exceptional. Working closely with the silk weaver, they crafted a soft silk fabric, which would become a hallmark of the brand.

Step by step, the founders brought their vision to life, pouring their hearts into every garment. The response was overwhelming — Grizas’ debut collection quickly sold out, fuelling their determination to spread the message of authentic natural wear worldwide.

Where is Grizas' Clothing From?

Grizas clothing is currently produced in Lithuania; however, their headquarters is based in London, England. 

Half and Half image of Lithuania and London

Inspiration and Style

Grizas’ designs feature contemporary, effortless fashion pieces with an artistic touch. Each garment is meticulously developed by Grizas’ talented team, from the initial concept to the product. The resulting aesthetic can be characterised by hand-painted art prints and authentic textures.

Grizas is known for its comfortable fits, unusual layering, elongated silhouettes, and relaxed laid-back shapes. These distinctive elements create a signature style that empowers women, instilling them with confidence and a sense of freedom.

The brand’s inclusive approach ensures that fashion and self-expression know no boundaries—they design for every woman, regardless of age or size, celebrating the beauty found within each individual.

Ethical Values: Grizas Commitment to Sustainability

Since its inception, Grizas has placed great importance on eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. The brand strives to combine traditions with modern design solutions, advocating for ethical approaches to production and distribution.

Slow Fashion Approach

Grizas adheres to the principles of slow fashion, offering made-to-order items rather than promoting mass consumption. By adopting this approach, the brand avoids unnecessary over-production and ensures that garments are created specifically for each customer. Locality plays a significant role in Grizas’ ethical values, with all material suppliers and the production itself based in Lithuania. They also prioritise recycled packaging, using silk tissue paper dyed with soybean dye and 100% recyclable cardboard boxes for all orders.

Grizas: The Brand Understood

Grizas offers beautiful designs and strong ethical values. From humble beginnings, the brand embodies authentic natural wear. Their slow fashion approach, local production, and recycled packaging reflect a commitment to sustainability, which is why we take great pride in stocking their gorgeous designs. We also have a commitment to providing sustainable products to our customers, only focusing on smaller, slow fashion brands that produce more unique designs.