Grizas Size Guide

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Grizas Clothing Size Guide

When purchasing our Grizas clothing, we want you to be completely satisfied with your choice. To ensure you’re choosing the correct size of garment from our Grizas range, we’ve created a helpful size guide for their clothing.

Some aspects to consider about Grizas’ clothing sizes are:

  • XS – 3XL: Standard sizes that are true to general sizing. 
  • Double sizes (S/M -2XL/3XL): Refers to flexible or oversized clothing that’s not a specific one size.
  • Universal sizing (U): The universal sizing, that’s marked with a ‘U’, offers a wide range of flexibility. Please bare in mind that if you’re on the small scale of sizing, U sized garments could be oversized up-to 3XL.

Grizas’ Clothing Measurements

To ensure you’re choosing the right sized garment, we’ll highlight the exact sizes for Grizas’ range of clothing, from XS – 3XL in both centimetres and inches.

Grizas Sizing in Centimetres

Grizas Sizing in Inches