How to Accessorise for Summer

How to Accessorise for Summer

When temperatures begin to rise, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the new season – we’re currently dreaming of jetting off on holiday to a far-off destination! But, for many, splurging on a new wardrobe for the summer isn’t ideal for financial and sustainability reasons, so coming up with a way to make our wardrobes feel brand-new is a must.

One easy way to refresh your existing closet is to add some on-trend accessories. Here are a few accessory ideas from our Brenda Muir stylists..

Winter vs. Summer

Because we tend to wear more layers in winter, it sometimes seems like accessorising during the winter months is easier. Add a scarf, gloves, ear-warmers, leg warmers, a cardigan – there are lots of possibilities to both look chic and keep warm.

Summer, however, can be a different story. After all, more often than not during the warmer months, we’re looking to shed clothes and layers, not add more! That being said, a simple t-shirt and shorts combo can often feel like it’s missing something. Learning to accessorise for summer can help you take an outfit from meh to wow!

Summer Hat

Hats can make a big impression even although they are just a single accessory. A wide-brimmed straw sun hat can lend a touch of classic beach style to your look, while a bright baseball cap makes any outfit feel instantly sporty and youthful. A floppy hat adds a pretty, feminine touch to an outfit, while a patterned rain hat is a 90s vibe that can jazz up a simple summer look.

Summer Shoes 

There are lots of summer shoe options to explore, from peep-toe flats, dressy athletic shoes, canvas tennis shoes, and embellished sandals, to flip-flops, gladiator sandals, wedges, and espadrilles – to name but a few! Just make sure your pedicure is on-point!

Don’t be afraid to mix up your look with shoes that have a different feel to that of your overall outfit. An unexpected mix can give an air of adventurous style – like a floaty maxi dress teamed with trainers.

Summer Bags

Bags are practical and functional accessories. But they can also complement your summer outfits, like a rope-handled tote with a striped tee and cotton shorts to channel a nautical look or a small, glittery pastel clutch that pairs nicely with an elegant summer sundress.

Summer Scarves

Lightweight and pretty summer scarves are designed as more of a style accent to add a subtle touch to your outfit. You can add style with a scarf by tying it around your neck with a fancy knot, tying it to your purse or tote for an extra accent, or wearing it in your hair as a hair accessory. If it’s long enough, you can even roll the scarf and use it as a cute belt – the options are endless!

Summer Jewellery 

Summer jewellery can be tricky to style, especially if you’re outdoors, because heavy, metal pieces can become hot and uncomfortable. Stick to lighter, more delicate jewellery and/or wooden/plastic pieces, and remember, from aviator to rayban styles, statement sunglasses complete any summer look.