The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing White

model wearing a white t-shirt

White Clothing - Why's it so Popular?

White is a great colour to begin reintroducing into your wardrobe at this time of year as the weather starts to improve. It’s a bright, clean colour that conveys freshness and simplicity. Every good wardrobe should have a number of staple white pieces, such as a good quality white t-shirt, white jeans, white trainers, and a crisp white shirt.

White is a useful blank canvas to build a wide variety of other colours around. For example, in the winter months, you might combine black and white garments to create a striking monochrome look, or in summer you might team white pieces with beige, navy, and blue linens to create a relaxed nautical feel. In this latest Brenda Muir blog we’ve put together some dos and don’ts of wearing this versatile colour.

Our How to's on Wearing White Clothing

How to Wear a White Shirt

There’s an endless choice when it comes to selecting a style of white shirt. Regardless of whether you opt for a masculine, boxy cut, or a soft feminine look, we’d advise not buying one that’s too oversized.

A white shirt’s cuffs should not be so long that they engulf your hands, and the shirt’s material should be thick enough so that it doesn’t show any underwear. Make sure your shirt has buttons, it fits your bust properly and doesn’t gape open at the chest. The other important aspect of wearing a white shirt is deciding how to style it. A classic look would be to team a white shirt with a contrasting dark blazer, jeans and a pair of dark brogues or ballet pumps. Or, why not try wearing a white shirt in summer with a loud pop of colour in your earrings, shoes, or bag? 

How to Wear White Jeans

White jeans make a great alternative to traditional blue jeans in the spring and summer months. Although they have high-maintenance associations – people with young children, pets, or a clumsy disposition should approach them with caution – like most white garments, they are exceptionally versatile. 

White jeans are a rather stark colouring that can put many people off choosing them, but you can’t go wrong with neutral pairings, such as white jeans with navy, cream and black. Opting for good quality, well-made pieces with white jeans can create a look with a high-end finish. Accessories, meanwhile, are a great place to add a pop of colour, be it a red necklace, printed boots, or embellished shoes. Try teaming a navy jumper with white jeans, a neckerchief, and some dark sunglasses for a polished spring look!

How to Wear White Boots

White boots were first worn by 1960’s icons like Nancy Sinatra and Jane Fonda, who made these boots a symbol of female defiance, power and independence. White boots are also reminiscent of classic 80’s style, and from cowboys to Chelsea, there are many types of white boots to choose from, no matter what your personal style preference is. 

White is often associated with spring and summer but, as a staple neutral, it’s a colour that works all year round. One way to introduce it into your autumn/winter wardrobe is via a stylish boot. To style white boots with jeans, opt for a light wash as lighter denim hues have undertones of white. Finish the look off with an oversized sweater. In summer you could contrast the femininity of a floral midi dress with a white block heel. Add a denim or light-toned jacket and you’ll have a versatile and bright outfit. 

How to Wear White Trainers with a Dresses

Now You Know...

Trainers at one point may have been solely reserved for sporting activities and gyms, but times and fashions have changed. Now a comfortable and stylish pair of trainers are as much a part of our everyday wardrobes as jeans and tailoring. There’s almost not outfit that can’t be complemented with the right pair of trainers – whether it’s a smart, tailored look, casual loungewear, or even a dress. 

Make trainers your go-to spring shoes by teaming them with new season dresses for a polished and laid-back look. There are certain factors to consider when deciding which trainers to pair with a dress. Consider the length of the dress, the fabric, whether it’s printed or plain, and how much detail there is already on the dress i.e. is it embellished and frilly, or is it a simple slip dress, before working out what kind of trainer will work best. A high-top trainer works well with a mini dress, while a chunky trainer looks great with a maxi dress. And if a lot is going on with your dress, stick to classic tennis shoes.

White is a plain, but also potentially luxurious colour, especially when it’s a white satin or white lace garment (just remember the only female who should wear white to a wedding is the bride!).

If you love white and the way it complements your colouring – especially with a tan in summer – but you’re a little afraid to wear it during the winter months, opt for off-white hues like cream and beige instead. However you wear white, just don’t forget to stock up on some vanish-type stain remover to keep your whites nice and bright! It’s also worth noting that wearing white keeps the body comparatively cool, which is why it’s such a go-to holiday wardrobe staple.

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